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Yes, I want to make up to five times my money as the next “Halo” company sees its share price explode thanks to the recent deal made between the U.S. Government and Apple. The enormous profit potential here is based on two facts:

  • First, you can get shares of the “halo” company for a fraction of the $100-plus you’d pay for Apple shares.

  • Second, the platform its helping Apple and the U.S. Government implement is going to change the way consumers worldwide pay for things.

In fact, this trend could end up being bigger than personal computing, the internet, and even smartphones. That’s why it’s critical I get the name and ticker symbol of this company as soon as possible from Chris’ landmark report:

  • Make 5X Your Money from the Apple “Halo” Effect

Plus, I want all of the details on two more “Halo” companies uncovered by Chris. So also send me the following two special reports immediately upon receipt of my order:

  • Best of Both Worlds: Double Your Money Playing Apple and Android

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