I’m about to show you how
you can cash in on the astounding
289%, 426%, even 740% gains
I snatched up in the past six months.

In fact, since the market began its climb last October
my PowerTrader portfolio outperformed
the S&P 500 by nearly 1,000%.

In a few moments you’ll discover exactly how
to start banking huge triple-digit winners for yourself.

I’ll even throw in a free wealth-building Special Report
to start you down the road to financial independence.

Best of all you’ll start reaping your
triple-digit profits in a matter of days — in
both up and down markets

Dear Eager Investor,

You’re about to see how I raked in an eye-popping 103% overall gain since last October.

That’s nearly ten times better than the 10.5% the S&P earned over the same period.

More important, I’m going to show you how you can do it too.

Nobody’s perfect, of course. There were a few of losers in the portfolio.

But the winners cranked out as much as 289%… 426%… and a mind-boggling 740% return.

Not a bad haul for six short months.

Now it’s your turn to ride the wave of windfall profit and mine the bull market for all it’s worth. But here’s the best news of all:

Not only are you moments away from banking triple-digit gains —

I’ll show you how to keep cashing out winners even when the market eventually heads south.

My name is Chris Versace. I’ve been an equity analyst, portfolio manager, investment industry insider, and financial columnist for more than 20 years.

You may have seen me quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Real Money Pro, Forbes.com and USA Today.


I’m also a frequent guest on Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and CNN… a weekly financial columnist for The Washington Times… and a contributor to TheStreet.com’s Real Money.

I’ve been an equities research analyst at Salomon Brothers, Senior Vice President of Equity Research at Friedman Billings Ramsey, and Portfolio Manager at Agile Capital Management and The VZN Group.

I’ve also been a consultant on equities, mergers and capital generation for Agile Equity LLC, Sprint-Nextel’s Competitive Intelligence Group and many others.

As you can see, I’ve around the block a few times.

Over the years I’ve made millions of dollars for the individual and institutional investors I served, the investment portfolios I managed, and the industry giants and hedge funds for whom I consulted.

Now I’m putting my 20 years of expertise in top-tier trading and investing — plus my proven million-dollar track record of fortune-building success — directly to work for your triple-digit profit.

Take a look at the actual performance of my PowerTrader portfolio since last October.

Chart 1.jpg

Those are actual results of real trades in the PowerTrader portfolio. Investors who bought and sold those positions on the recommended dates actually pocketed that jaw-dropping 103% gain.

Had you been one of them, for every $10,000 you invested you could have cashed out more than $10,100 profit — double your money — in just six months.

Compare that to the thousand bucks you’d have gotten from the S&P.

If you know some other legal way to double your money in that short a time, more power to you. I guess you don’t need to listen any further.

For everyone else: Here’s exactly how it’s done.

Welcome to PowerTrader and your free copy of
8 PowerTrends for the Next Decade of Wealth.

PowerTrader is an all-new fast-paced trading service that combines the most potent profit-making strategies ever devised by the insider trading elite.

I’m talking about huge international hedge funds, exclusive New York brokerage firms, institutional investors, multimillionaire financiers and the like.

These “power traders” operate at the absolute top of the investing hierarchy. And they make a nonstop killing scooping up profits in both bull and bear markets.

Normally you wouldn’t get to peek behind the palace walls of investing’s royalty class.

But as one of their million-dollar consultants, an influential adviser to their inner circle and a successful player in their game, I’m about to put the golden key to their kingdom of wealth straight into your hands.

The first thing to remember is this:

If you want to make serious money, and make it fast — I’m talking ridiculous money like the 426% gain I nailed in just 30 days — you need to look well beyond Wall Street’s conventional wisdom.

So let’s put another critical fact on the table right now: Buy and hold isn’t an investing strategy. It’s a limitation.

Sure, the Wall Street crowd is giddy over the recent run-up in the S&P. After all, a 10.5% gain since last October is nothing to sneeze at.

But frankly that’s peanuts. Especially when PowerTrader returned 103% — nearly ten times better than the S&P over the same period.

If you really want to start making money hand over fist — no matter whether the market’s headed up or down — you need to start thinking like a hedge fund.

Hedge funds capitalize on short-term opportunities of the moment whenever and wherever they appear. They invest in almost any financial security if they foresee impressive gains.

They’re also quick to dump their positions, often in as little as a few days, to lock in their profit.

That’s precisely how I helped PowerTrader investors cash out a recent 74% winner.

But here’s the best part: They walked away a whopping 74% richer after holding their investment for just a single day.

Why buy and hold when you can profit literally overnight?

What’s more, hedge funds don’t invest solely in assets whose value they believe will rise.


They’re masters of selling short — anticipating an asset will lose value and pocketing the difference when they buy back their shares at a lower price.

It’s the complete opposite of Wall Street’s worn-out buy-and-hold approach. And it’s not just a crazy theory proposed by some cranky investment contrarian.

It’s a widely acknowledged and proven-successful profit-churning strategy hedge fund managers use to consistently outperform the markets by a long shot.

It’s precisely how PowerTrader has outpaced the S&P by nearly 1,000% since last October. You saw the performance chart with your own eyes.

Better still, this hedge fund strategy has worked over the past 20 years no matter which way the market’s headed.

Best of all it’s the exact blueprint for success you’ll use to amass your fortune with PowerTrader.

ETFs + PowerTrends: The one-two punch
conventional equity investing simply can’t match.

I’ll give you the complete lowdown on the massive fortune-building potential of
PowerTrends and tell you how to get your free copy of 8 PowerTrends for the Next
Decade of Wealth in just a moment.

But right now get ready to say goodbye to the same old stocks and mutual funds in
your portfolio.

Because the first huge advantage you’re about to gain over traditional buy-and-hold
investing is the enormous profit potential of ETFs — exchange traded funds.

ETFs give you a number of mouthwatering fortune-building advantages you just can’t
get from conventional stocks and mutual funds. For example…

Chris Versace’s
Track Record

For more than a decade Chris Versace has helped his clients and readers reap triple-digit gains even though the market struggled during much of that time.

2001-2006 As Senior Vice President of Equity Research with leading investment bank FBR, Chris’s portfolio returned a stellar 165% while the S&P lost 1.7%.

Sidebar Chart 1.jpg

2007-2011 The portfolios Chris managed for his clients with Versace Capital Management scored gains 116 times better than the S&P 500.

Sidebar Chart 2.jpg

2012-present The market has been on a tear lately with the S&P up 10.5% since Chris launched PowerTrader in November 2012. But Chris’s closed trades, winners as well as losers, are up 101% for the same period – shattering market returns by nearly 1,000%.

Sidebar Chart 3.jpg

Claim your free copy of 8 Power-Trends for the Next Decade of Wealth and start cashing out your triple-digit winners today.

$ You get turbocharged triple-digit gains from ETF options. That’s how I scored my recent 289%, 426% and 740% winners. It’s no more complicated than trading a simple stock. I’ll tell you exactly what to buy and when, then you just cash the fat checks as they roll in.
$ You can turbocharge your profits wit ETF options. ETF options are an easy way to turbocharge your gains with triple-digit winners by profiting in wide market swings both up and down. Options also allow you to reap all the rewards of owning a blue-chip portfolio without laying out the capital required to own the shares.
$ You get double or triple profit with leveraged ETFs. You heard that right: When the assets in a leveraged ETF return 10%, you pocket gains of 20% or 30%!
$ You can invest as much or as little as you like. There are no investment minimums. Buy as little as a single share and help yourself to triple-digit gains with minimal out-of-pocket expense.
$ You slash taxes on your profits. ETFs rarely distribute capital gains.
$ You keep more of your earnings. Mutual funds charge up to 2% plus advertising fees. ETFs typically charge .25% to .75% total.
$ You get the best of both worlds. Think of an ETF as an index fund that trades on the market in real time like a stock.

But there’s an even more compelling reason
to make the switch to ETFs today.

And it’s precisely how PowerTrader will
launch you lightyears ahead of the S&P’s
measly 10.5% return and put you on the path
to banking triple-digit profits for yourself.

Timing is everything.

For all their tired ways, Wall Street has at least one thing right: Buy low and sell high.

The problem is conventional buy-and-hold investors wait far too long in between.

But PowerTrader starts spitting out cash fast by dramatically shortening your profit cycle.

As a subscriber, you’ll continuously take profit from the repeated gains your shares make within the space of a few weeks or even a couple of days.

As your PowerTrader portfolio manager I’ll alert you when the time is ripe to buy and reap monster gains while the going’s good.

But I’ll also signal the precise moment to cash out and lock in your winners, so you can keep your gains and plow them back into another profit cycle.

I’ll even show you how and when to place stop-loss and limit orders on your ETFs to further safeguard your hard-won earnings.

They’re your automatic guarantee against losing your profit. And they ensure you’ll never again take a beating when the market heads south.

But I saved the best news for last.

PowerTrader pours cash into your pocket
even on a losing bet.

There’s one more almost unfair advantage PowerTradergives you over conventional Wall Street wisdom.

In addition to racking up triple-digit returns from the PowerTrend winners I lay out for you in your PowerTrader portfolio…

You’re about to start making a killing on assets that decrease in value.

Inverse ETFs perform opposite to whatever index or asset they track. When that asset loses value, you pocket an equivalent positive gain.

That makes them one of the best ways to protect your lifesavings and harvest steady returns even in a bear — or plummeting — market.

They’re as easy to buy and sell as any index fund and there’s no additional risk. You can even hold them in an IRA and many 401(k) accounts — which could spare you a lot of heartache in the next financial market meltdown.

The bottom line is inverse ETFs are a safe and reliable ticket to ride the losers all the way to the bank.

So from now on you’ll keep making money hand over fist even in an economic downturn, the same way giant hedge funds do.

But wait, you still have
one more ace up your sleeve…

Is a light bulb turning on
in your mind?

It should. Light bulbs are THE classic PowerTrend of all time.

In 1878 light bulbs as we know them didn’t even exist.

Today an estimated 4.5 billion people have electric lighting.

They live and work in buildings with hundreds or thousands of lights.

Throw in the billion cars on the road, each with dozens of interior and exterior lights…

Billions of street lamps, traffic lights and other outdoor lighting… flashlights, decorative lights, toys…

No wonder the company Thomas Edison founded — General Electric — is the third largest company in the world according to Forbes Global 2000.

We take them for granted. But light bulbs represent one of the most profitable PowerTrends in history.

Your free copy of 8 Power-Trends for the Next Decade of Wealthwill show you how to get in on the ground floor of the next General Electric.

A PowerTrend is a ground-breaking development in an industry, business sector, or human society.

It’s a fundamental shift that spells the end of
business as usual, the moment when suddenly everyone is forced to do something differently than they did in the past.

Those moments guarantee enormous opportunity with virtually unlimited profit potential for you — if you know how to spot them and precisely when to jump in.

Take a look at a few examples:

Personal Computing. In 1975 there was no such thing as a personal computer.


By 2011 the number of desktops, laptops and tablets worldwide hit 1.2 billion. And Microsoft is the 800-pound gorilla in a global trillion-dollar industry.

The Fitness Lifestyle. Until the early ‘80s a pair of Keds was all a kid needed to go out and play.

Then Nike and Rebook launched a worldwide revolution in athletic shoes and fitness apparel. In 2011 Nike generated a record $20.9 billion in revenue — and paid $3 billion in dividends.

Cellular Communications. Prior to 1990 nobody walked around with a phone in their pocket.

Today there are 3.7 billion cell phone users on the planet, more than half the world’s population. Motorola, Nokia and Qualcomm were first in on what became a 1.2 trillion-dollar industry in little more than a decade.

Fact: Every exploding market in history was detonated by an unstoppable PowerTrend.

Amazon… Apple… Bell Atlantic (now Verizon)… Dow Chemical… Ford Motor Company… G.E.… IBM… Johnson & Johnson… McDonald’s… Procter & Gamble… Standard Oil (now Exxon-Mobil)…

They all became virtual cash-minting machines by capitalizing on watershed moments when some essential fact of everyday American life suddenly changed.

Of course, the train has already left the station on ground-floor rapid-growth opportunities for all of those companies.

But my million-dollar wealth generating specialty for the past 20 years has been spotting where the next tidal wave of colossal prosperity will come from.

Now I’m going to do it for you.

Don’t miss the coming avalanche of profit.

Once a PowerTrend starts driving billions of dollars in market capital, it literally can’t be stopped.

With PowerTrader as your guide, your sole focus will be investing in assets with virtually unlimited worldwide profit potential for decades to come.


That’s where you’ll find the richest ground-floor opportunities, ripe prospects for boundless long-term gains, and the steadiest — and quickest — returns.

Because there’s nothing as lucrative as identifying and investing in a Powertrend early in a new cycle. That’s when your returns come fast and furious.

Think about it. If someone told you in 1986 to dump your shares in market leaders VisiCorp and Digital Research and put your money on upstart Microsoft Windows, you’d be sitting on a mountain of cash today — with gains of more than 40,000%.

That’s precisely why I started PowerTrader.

To pinpoint the overwhelming winners in the next wave of the world’s most
successful companies — and help you make your mountain of cash!

I’m putting my 20 years of expertise in top-tier trading and investing, custom research and analysis, portfolio management and consulting…

Plus my proven market smashing track record of fortune-building success…

Directly into the hands of everyday investors like you. Here’s all you have to do:

1 Claim your free copy of 8 PowerTrends for the Next Decade of Wealth.
2 Get ready for your ground-floor opportunity with eight utterly irresistible economic, demographic, and financial market shifts that will drive billions of dollars in revenue for generations to come.
3 Then count on PowerTrader to guide you step by step to triple-digit returns up to 289%, 426%, even 740% or more in a matter of days.

First, get your free copy of 8 PowerTrends
for the Next Decade of Wealth.
Then kickstart your profits into triple-digit
gear with PowerTrader.

tilted 8 powertrends book.jpg
There’s a surer and faster way to amass a fortune than loading up on conventional equities and waiting to see what happens.

Heck, Wall Street says you shouldexpect no more than 8%-10% returns for doing things their way. Frankly that’s nothing to crow about.

To tell the truth, whether I was Senior VP at an exclusive
investment bank, managing multi-million-dollar portfolios for my high-roller clients, or doing late-night back-room research for the boutique hedge fund gang…

I never met anyone willing to settle for anything less than double- or triple-digit returns.

As of right now you don’t have to either. And I’ll make it easy as possible for you to get started with a vengeance.

First, claim your free copy of 8 PowerTrends for the Next Decade of Wealth.

Simply click on any of the links on this page or use the “Send My 8 Free PowerTrends” button below.

In it you’ll discover the eight most potent and fastest-rising PowerTrends unearthed by my proprietary PowerTrader research.

Every one of them is already making its presence felt in American culture and the U.S. economy.

More important to you as a soon-to-be-rich investor, these eight unstoppable PowerTrends are beginning to drive significant sales revenue as well as capital investment in the markets.

Set your sights squarely on these eight inevitable future economic dynamos and get in on the ground floor today.

Then join me as an PowerTrader subscriber to reap your triple-digit reward from the waterfall of riches they’ll churn out for decades to come.

It’s all yours, 100% risk free for 60 days.

check mark Your PowerTrader Portfolio. You’ll get five to eight ETF plays to start, handpicked by me and primed for rapid short-term gains. You’ll hold them for four to six weeks on average, then cash out to capture your returns. Plus you’ll get three to five juicy new PowerTrend ETF picks every month to keep the profit pump wide open.
check mark Triple-digit gains and nonstop protection from market volatility. You’ll get simple, clear instructions for buying and selling ETF options and placing stop-loss and limit orders, to guarantee you keep your current profits as well as prevent crippling losses.
check mark Your Weekly Hotline Update, delivered by e-mail every Monday. I’ll explain the previous week’s Portfolio and market performances, alert you to economic and financial developments on the horizon, and guide you step by step on exactly what to do and when to do it with each of your ETFs in the coming week.
check mark Special Buy and Sell Alerts delivered by e-mail the instant any sudden market opportunity or threat arises that requires your immediate action.
check mark Your proven hedge against recession. When the going gets toughest I’ll give you inverse ETF plays so you can keep booking big profits even in a falling market.
check mark Your Weekly ETF Performance Report. Monitor the entire ETF market, do your own research and more. You’ll get exclusive password-protected access to comprehensive performance results for nearly 1,200 ETFs, updated every week.
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check mark Plus your free copy of 8 PowerTrends for the Next Decade of Wealth.

As your PowerTrader portfolio manager I’ll do all the hard work for you:

In-depth technical research and financial analysis normally reserved for the investing elite.
Around-the-clock monitoring of U.S. and global financial markets and economic indicators.
Daily consultation with my network of top investment bankers, brokerage house directors, hedge fund managers and other industry insiders.

Then I’ll boil it all down to a few easy-to-follow steps you can take each week to start banking double- and triple-digit winners, over and over again.

Simply carry out the easy-to-follow steps in your weekly Hotline Update, take quick action on the Special Alerts you receive…

Then sit back and count the flood of cash as it pours in.

But here’s the really surprising part…

I know people who pay serious money for trading services.

Sometimes I wonder: If they’ve got $5,000 or $10,000 lying around to pay an investment consultant, do they even need one?

Then again, if you’re serious about mining the market for triple-digit returns, it’s going to take a lot more than buying and holding the usual assortment of stocks and mutual funds.

And the more aggressive your investing strategy, the more ambitious your wealth goals…

The more important it is you have a deeply experienced, highly regarded investment expert with a proven 20-year track record of market smashing success to guide you every step of the way.

But $5,000 or more for a trading service? That’s crazy money.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend even a quarter of that to join me as an PowerTrader subscriber.

I’m not even going to ask you to pony up the normal full price for 12 full months of PowerTrader. Instead…

You’re invited to take advantage of a special limited-time Preferred Investor Discount and save an additional 20%.

You can become an PowerTrader subscriber right now — and start cashing out your triple-digit winners in a matter of days — for the surprising low rate of just $995.

I’ve done my level best to make sure that price is a non-issue for you.

But if you want to slash your out-of-pocket expense to the absolute minimum, simply choose the convenient quarterly billing option to pay in four affordable installments of just $275 each.

Best of all, you’re fully protected by this ironclad
Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Double Guarantee.

guarantee burst.gif

PowerTrader is all yours, 100% risk free for a full 60 days. Try it and see for yourself how quickly the steady stream of rapid-fire gains add up.

Feel what it’s like for a change to ride the run up, cash out your triple-digit winners, and sidestep the losses altogether.

Then jump back in and repeat the profit cycle for another quick killing.

Until you make however much money you need.

However much money you want

Or even more money than you know what to do with!

If after all that you don’t agree PowerTraderhas permanently put you on the fast track to financial freedom, I’ll promptly refund every penny you paid. No questions asked.

Your free copy of 8 PowerTrends for the Next Decade of Wealth, your Hotline Updates, Special Alerts and all the profit you make is yours to keep with no further obligation.

Still not convinced? I’ll double that guarantee for good measure.

Even after the first 60 days — at any time, for any reason — if you ever decide PowerTrader isn’t for you I’ll promptly send you a full refund for the unused balance of your subscription.

Everything you received and all the profit you make is yours to keep. Period.

But I’m confident it won’t come to that. I’ve made too many millionaires in my life to think otherwise.

And PowerTrends was behind every one of them every step of the way.

Now I’m going to do the same for you. Click on the “Send My 8 Free PowerTrends” button below right now.

There’s literally no risk to you, and you have nothing to lose — except the million-dollar ground-floor opportunity of a lifetime.

Yours for triple-digit profit,

Chris Versace, Portfolio Manager

P.S. Get ready to start cashing out your triple-digit winners immediately, in any kind
of market.

See for yourself 100% risk free for 60 days. You can even choose quarterly billing to minimize your initial cash outlay.

If PowerTrader doesn’t help you cash in on at least a couple of triple-digit winners in those 60 days, simply cancel your subscription and I’ll refund every penny you paid.

Your free copy of 8 PowerTrends for the Next Decade of Wealth, everything else you received, and all the profit you make is yours to keep no matter what.

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