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Doug Fabian is the editor of two publications: Successful ETF Investing and Weekly ETF Report. Doug was previously known as one of America’s top mutual fund advisors, but he made a revolutionary 100% shift to exchange traded funds (ETFs) before they were even mainstream. He regularly appears at seminars around the country.


Fabian’s Weekly ETF Report

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Weekly ETF Report by Doug Fabian is a free newsletter sent via email every week.

In Weekly ETF Report, Doug shares with you his no-nonsense insights and outlook on the world markets — and what they mean to individual investors, including where to find the best profit opportunities using ETFs.

In addition to Doug’s market commentary, Weekly ETF Report is full of useful advice on how to use ETFs, your 401(k) plan, the real estate market, the Fed’s policy, life insurance, taxes, retirement planning and many more topics involving your life and your finances.

Meet your financial challenges head on. Start putting Doug’s comprehensive and practical expertise to work for you and your financial future.

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Fabian’s Successful ETF Investing

Steady, market-beating double-digit annual gains for 35+ years!

Successful ETF Investing was started in 1977 by Doug Fabian’s father, Dick Fabian. It is designed for investors who are in the growth stage of investing. We’ve beaten the market consistently and kept our subscribers’ assets from harm in bear markets by following The Fabian Plan. Instead of using guesswork, predictions, forecasts, or emotions, we base our investment decisions solely on the established trend of the market.

The Fabian Plan works on a simple common-sense strategy that has guided our subscribers safely through just about every nasty shock the market can throw at us — the stunning Crash of 1987, the spectacular Tech/Internet Bubble of the 1990s and, of course, the scary, portfolio-annihilating Sub-Prime Collapse of 2008. We use a 39-week moving average in our trend-identifying system which has produced an average of double-digit annualized gains in the past 35+ years.

Originally, we used mutual funds to produce these profits but weare officially OUT of the mutual fund market. You can quickly find out if you own a “lemon” fund by searching the Fabian Lemon List database.

For several years, Doug has been strongly urging subscribers to shift away from mutual funds and move into the best money making tool available today — Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Doug was one of the pioneers to advocate and profit from ETFs and has become one of the leading ETF experts in the financial world.

Successful ETF Investing is a proactive investment advisory service, using ETFs for both domestic and international equity allocations. The Fabian Plan guides our buy and sell decisions, and when we do either, you’ll get an email recommending specifically what to buy and how much of your portfolio to allocate.

Do you know what investments to buy, when to buy them and when to sell?

Take the guesswork out of your investment decisions. Join us today and start profiting with ETFs right away!

Listen to Doug’s latest investor report here.