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What is Chris Versace’s investment philosophy?

Chris Versace follows eight proprietary PowerTrends. A PowerTrend is a shift that shapes and impacts consumer behavior, forcing companies to make fundamental changes to their businesses in order to succeed. Some PowerTrends come from the bottom up where companies are racing to meet a rising consumer need, open a new market or expand an existing one. Other times they come from the top down, where an economic event or crisis forces people companies and governments to change their behavior. Get in on the right companies before the PowerTrend takes off and you stand to profit handsomely.

What’s the difference between PowerTrend Bulletin, Growth & Dividend Report, PowerTrader, and PowerOptions Trader?

PowerTrend Bulletin, a free weekly e-letter from Chris Versace, is where he shares his thoughts on the most powerful trends affecting investments today (“PowerTrends”). Chris’ commentary focuses on the 8 proprietary PowerTrends he follows – helping you understand the markets better while at the same time giving you unique insight into areas of the market that may not be familiar to you.

Growth & Dividend Report is a paid monthly newsletter that helps individual investors profit through buying the companies poised to win big in the 8 PowerTrends.

PowerTrader is a fast-paced trading service combining the benefits of ETFs, stocks, and options with the profit potential of PowerTrends to deliver quick gains.

PowerOptions Trader is Chris Versace’s newest fast-paced, options-only trading service combining the advantages of options with the profit potential of PowerTrends to deliver quick gains.

I notice Chris uses sell stops. Why are they important?

Sell stops protect your profits and your capital. Chris firmly believes that sell stops are essential to your investment success in these volatile times. Entering these sell stops (“GTC” or “good until cancelled”) with your broker will ensure that your profits and capital are protected at all times.

What do you mean when you say we should “scale into a position”?

Chris prefers to ease into positions rather than buying all of them at once. Known as scaling into a position, it is one of the smartest ways to build an investment position over time, as it allows us to participate in any upside while tactically lowering our cost basis as we build our position size.

One of Chris’s recommended trades just hit its target price. Should I sell?

The price targets Chris gives you are firm but not set in stone. Much like sell stops, they can move up and down. You should not automatically sell a stock just because it hits the target, but instead wait for the sell alert from Chris.